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Hi All!

My name is Rowan, and I’m currently drawing out of the Atlanta area of Georgia. My husband and I have lived here since April 2009, and we are completely in love with the area. Great people, great food, beautiful scenery, and always something to do. Lovely. We live in a nice apartment with our Sheltie (Cody), our tortoise shell cat (Magik), and our checkered giant rabbit (Lola). We’re originally from the Houston area of Texas and we lived in the Charleston area of South Carolina for three years. That, combined with a brief stint in the military, means we have friends spread all over. Most of our family is back in Texas, which is a mixed blessing.

Gnome You Didn’t is my first webcomic. Our leading lady, Nilsa, was originally born as a World of Warcraft character. I wrote her back story, got a handle on her personality, then stopped playing WoW. Sadly, her story got tucked in a filing cabinet and forgotten.

In late August, I was suddenly in the mood to write again. I’ve tried starting several adventure fantasy novels in the past, but I was never able to get very far with them. I’d have a beginning and an end, with little to no idea of how to get from A to Z. With the entire alphabet missing, it’s not very much of a book. >.<

Anywho, Jerry went to our filing cabinet, randomly pulled out our little Nilsa's back story, handed it to me and said "Do something with this." I looked at it, but when I saw it was a WoW character, my brain shut off and I forgot about it again. We were in the process of getting ready for DragonCon, so it's not like I didn't have enough to do.

While sitting on the Marta waiting for the appropriate station on the last day of DragonCon, Jerry suddenly asks me "If you could control an element, what one would you pick?" (By the way, if Jerry seems very random, that's because he is. Seriously, these are normal conversations around our house.) After some thought, I said lighting. It's bright, pretty, and makes awesome boomy sounds. That's when I remembered little Nilsa, and got very tickled at the idea of a little gnome with a giant power.

I'd had some discussions with a friend of mine named Marisa, who is responsible for me getting this comic up and having an online presence of any kind, and she fell in love with idea of me starting up a comic. We were going to work on it together, and do autobiographical comedy a la Devil's Panties, but I think my life just doesn't translate well into webcomics. Too many of the jokes require explanation, very in-joke humor. If you know what we're talking about, we're hysterical, but any joke where you have to explain the punchline just isn't funny anymore. Then I thought, why should I let a little thing like no plot and no concept stop me from having a webcomic? Nonsense! Our plan must continue. Once Jerry and I had the conversation about elemental control, my webcomic was born.

I always tweet about new posts and other comic-related stuff, so feel free to follow me @RowanArtemis. Fair warning – I tweet about a lot of other stuff, too. Not what I'm having for breakfast, but I'm a big believer in paying it forward for the people who've been good to me. Hope you enjoy my comic!


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