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Well, on Tuesday night I went to my first book signing. I’ve been to panels, including Q&As, at DragonCon, but this was my first book signing. I got to see Laurell K. Hamilton and Jennie Breeden! They signed the paper for my next art piece! I shook Jennie’s hand!!! Total fangirl SQUEE!!

Okay, I’m better now.

For those who have never heard of either of them, Laurell K. Hamilton is the author of the Anita Blake book series and the Meredith Gentry book series, as well as various short stories. The Anita series has 18 books so far, with the next due out in June, and the Merry series just came out with book 8 in December. Both series are phenomenal. Paranormal thillers, they’re a mix of dark fantasy, detective novel, and romance. The books, especially the later ones, are not for children/young readers, but her style is superb. Her voice in incredibly unique, and the characters jump right off the page to pistol whip you. In a good way. ^.^

Imagine if you were to wake up tomorrow and creatures of myth and folklore – vampires, wereanimals, etc – are real. Vampires are legal citizens of the United States. I know it sound almost trite by today’s standards, but Laurell K. Hamilton did it first. She’s been building her world for two decades, and it shows. Take that Stephanie Meyer! I’ve read all the books in both series (except the most recent Anita, what the signing was for), along with a portion of her short stories. I still need to read her first published novel, Nightseer. It’s on the list. >.>

You can learn more about her at her website, http://www.laurellkhamilton.org. She also has a great blog, she’s on Twitter @LKHamilton, and she’s on Facebook.

Jennie Breeden is a webcomic artist. A real one. As in that-is-her-only-job, visit-cons-as-a-guest, go-buy-her-merchandise webcomic artist. Her strip, Devil’s Panties is a big part of what convinced me that I could do a webcomic at all. Once I found it, I went through and read all the comics in her archive (way back to 2001) in the space of two weeks. A-frickin-addicting! That’s how my mind works! (Should I have admitted to that? >.<) She's also on Twitter, @jenniebreeden. A link to her comic is on the right hand side of your screen, along with other wonderful comics. Go read it!

No, really.

Have you read it, yet?

Well, go read it, and good night. Love all!

Well, Duh.

Well, Duh.

I must have the least observant adventurers in history. Seriously, there is no forethought or planning going on in either of their heads. It makes my job so much easier and my life so much more fun. ^.^

I need to script, but I think I’ll keep drawing for a little while. I’m in the mood, and it’d be nice to get ahead. I have enough script for the rest of the week. That’s something. Ta-ta for now!



Sorry about the delay, folks. I lost track of time last night, and Jerry was hogging the internet all morning. This is also kind of a cop-out panel, since I decided not to include the dialog I had written up. That will be in Monday’s comic.

Have a great weekend!