Unrighteous Indignation

Unrighteos Indignation

Another late night, but this time the comic got done. Yay. I wish I could sleep. >.>


Long Shot.

Long Shot.

Late night = late comic. At least my hand is recovered from my excessive writing yesterday.

Also, the VA money finally came in!! First on the agenda – GROCERIES!!!



Well, on Tuesday night I went to my first book signing. I’ve been to panels, including Q&As, at DragonCon, but this was my first book signing. I got to see Laurell K. Hamilton and Jennie Breeden! They signed the paper for my next art piece! I shook Jennie’s hand!!! Total fangirl SQUEE!!

Okay, I’m better now.

For those who have never heard of either of them, Laurell K. Hamilton is the author of the Anita Blake book series and the Meredith Gentry book series, as well as various short stories. The Anita series has 18 books so far, with the next due out in June, and the Merry series just came out with book 8 in December. Both series are phenomenal. Paranormal thillers, they’re a mix of dark fantasy, detective novel, and romance. The books, especially the later ones, are not for children/young readers, but her style is superb. Her voice in incredibly unique, and the characters jump right off the page to pistol whip you. In a good way. ^.^

Imagine if you were to wake up tomorrow and creatures of myth and folklore – vampires, wereanimals, etc – are real. Vampires are legal citizens of the United States. I know it sound almost trite by today’s standards, but Laurell K. Hamilton did it first. She’s been building her world for two decades, and it shows. Take that Stephanie Meyer! I’ve read all the books in both series (except the most recent Anita, what the signing was for), along with a portion of her short stories. I still need to read her first published novel, Nightseer. It’s on the list. >.>

You can learn more about her at her website, http://www.laurellkhamilton.org. She also has a great blog, she’s on Twitter @LKHamilton, and she’s on Facebook.

Jennie Breeden is a webcomic artist. A real one. As in that-is-her-only-job, visit-cons-as-a-guest, go-buy-her-merchandise webcomic artist. Her strip, Devil’s Panties is a big part of what convinced me that I could do a webcomic at all. Once I found it, I went through and read all the comics in her archive (way back to 2001) in the space of two weeks. A-frickin-addicting! That’s how my mind works! (Should I have admitted to that? >.<) She's also on Twitter, @jenniebreeden. A link to her comic is on the right hand side of your screen, along with other wonderful comics. Go read it!

No, really.

Have you read it, yet?

Well, go read it, and good night. Love all!

Well, Duh.

Well, Duh.

I must have the least observant adventurers in history. Seriously, there is no forethought or planning going on in either of their heads. It makes my job so much easier and my life so much more fun. ^.^

I need to script, but I think I’ll keep drawing for a little while. I’m in the mood, and it’d be nice to get ahead. I have enough script for the rest of the week. That’s something. Ta-ta for now!



Sorry about the delay, folks. I lost track of time last night, and Jerry was hogging the internet all morning. This is also kind of a cop-out panel, since I decided not to include the dialog I had written up. That will be in Monday’s comic.

Have a great weekend!



That “Oops” title is just so versatile. ^.^

Well, I was all geared up to be on time today, but I got a phone call at 10:30pm from a very concerned friend in South Carolina. I apparently put her down as a job reference without letting her know first. Oops. (See that versatility?) Bad job seeker. No cookie. Luckily, this lady is sweet as a peach, and said nice things about me anyway. Realizing we hadn’t talked in a while, she looked at my Facebook page, which prompted the call. We chatted for about an hour about various things, both good and bad. There’s been more lay-offs at the company I used to work for. The whole department was moved to a different manager. (A guy I don’t care for, who always wears way too much cologne.) My current financial position, which is incredibly less than stellar. (Cue shameless plug about the “Donation” button! Free wallpaper to those who donate!) On the brighter side, her son is doing well. She told me funny wedding and bachelorette party-related stories. She reassured me that everything will turn out fine, which is what everyone says. I believe it; I know the gods will provide. I just wish it would all work out a little faster. >.<

Now, about the reason for her call. Earlier today, I changed my Facebook status to "Single" in an attempt to stop the overwhelming amount of baby- and pregnancy-related ads I've been receiving. I am not currently single, nor do I have any intention of becoming so. For an explanation as to why I did it, including a long medical explanation/rant, keep reading. Otherwise, feel free to stop here.

Frankly, with my PCOS and screwy prolactin level, the whole topic is rather depressing. If you don't know what PCOS is, a) you're lucky, because that means you and/or a loved one probably doesn't have it, and b) there's a plethora of information available on the internet about it. Basically, PCOS (aka, Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome) is an endocrine disorder that affects the body on multiple levels. Symptoms include high levels of androgens (male hormones) in the blood, leading to things like hirsutism (male-pattern body hair) and male-pattern balding. Women with PCOS frequently have an irregular menstrual cycle wherein they don't ovulate, leading to a build-up of partially developed follicles in the ovaries that resemble cyst-like bumps on an ultrasound. It is also frequently accompanied by insulin resistance, weight gain, and acne. Doesn't it just sound like boatloads of fun?

As an added bonus to my brand of PCOS, or possibly a completely unrelated issue, I also have severely elevated levels of prolactin. Prolactin stimulates the development of mammary tissue during puberty and causes lactation during pregnancy. When someone is describing how birth control pills work, the most common phrase I hear is – “They trick the body into thinking it’s pregnant.” Clearly it doesn’t do that good a job, since many women have gotten pregnant on the pill. Well, my elevated prolactin does the same thing, with a vengeance. Even if ovulation were to randomly occur, thereby allowing fertilization, some members of the medical community believe an elevated prolactin level will cause a miscarriage. Essentially, it activates the you-can’t-get-pregnant-while-pregnant defense. The doctor who discovered my high levela had no ideas as to the cause. She didn’t know why my levels are 4-5 times higher than they should be; they just are.

Since I have no health insurance, I am trying to control my symptoms using herbal supplements and diet. The diet thing isn’t go that well. Sadly, healthy food is frequently more expensive than junk. Either way, my odds of conceiving naturally are pretty much nil. That’s not from me – that’s from the endocrinologist I saw last year. So, all the pregnancy- and baby-related Facebook ads are adding insult to injury. I’m taking too many supplements to just pretend there’s nothing wrong with me and ignore them.

My last desperate attempt to block them out was to change my status to “Single.” I am still married. Jerry and I are very happy, and have no plans to change our relationship in the foreseeable future. Yay marriage! Yay being in love! Some days are better than others, but we work all the time to make sure no days are ever that bad. My apologies for the rant, but I did warn you in advance. ^.~